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Jumping Jack Flash. A fascinating movie, according to some. Advertisements

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Is this like a Zombie? No? Still too cute? What am I doing wrong? In The Walking Dead they always grin…

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Motobike Baby 2

First spring days and I am off motobiking into the wild blue yonder, or something. My wheels still don’t make that noise of the neighbour’s wheels, and he has only … Continue reading

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The Grey Old Tiger is gone! It is not fair, he is supposed to be kicked and prodded at my command and by my will! Granted, he hid the last … Continue reading

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Fight! Fight!

Anybody wants to fight? I have the gloves, I have the stamina, I have the will. Now I only need a victim.

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Animal farm

I went to the Childrens Farm and that was good fun! They have big cow-beasties, and small cow-beasties, and small rabbits and big ones, and chicken, but they run very … Continue reading

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Spring and being a girl

It is spring time and the Mama biggie decided to dress me like a girl. The Papa biggie always dresses me as a macha girl, he likes his women that … Continue reading

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Cultural saterday

So, it seems I am going to be cultural today. The Papa biggie sniggers when it’s about cultural, but the Mama biggie likes cultural days and thinks it is very … Continue reading

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Smart, Smarter, Smart(i)est

These thingies with funny pictures and movies and sounds are very interesting. I always wonder, what the Biggies are doing with these thingies. I have found the button to turn … Continue reading

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