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Smart, Smarter, Smart(i)est

These thingies with funny pictures and movies and sounds are very interesting. I always wonder, what the Biggies are doing with these thingies. I have found the button to turn … Continue reading

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Baby acrobat

I think I might change my future occupation, or just add 1: I am going to be an acrobat! No, not as in Acrobat Reader, but… Oh well, watch this … Continue reading

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Presents Day

Today is my Presents Day. Others call it birthday, but they are wrong. I am around on this world for 1 year now. The purpose of my life is clear: … Continue reading

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I have my own desk, my own chair and my own computer! This is very nice, now I can be like the Papa biggie. He has all these things and … Continue reading

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Grab that cat!

I am mobile and I am going to GET THAT CAT!

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I have a new transportation! I was hoping for something like the neighbour has, something on two wheels making a heck of noise, but this is different. It has 4 … Continue reading

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Is it X-mas yet? No, I don’t think so, but the Mama biggie just loves dressing me up. She believes I would look very nice hanging in a X-mas tree … Continue reading

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Dressing up the baby

We all know the Mama biggy likes to dress me up, and I indulge her most of the time. But I don’t know about this. I feel like a puppet … Continue reading

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