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The Papa biggie is in his second youth or getting senile, according the Mama biggie. She says he is listening to old music, all from before her youth. I like … Continue reading

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Presents Day

Today is my Presents Day. Others call it birthday, but they are wrong. I am around on this world for 1 year now. The purpose of my life is clear: … Continue reading

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Monster! Birthday?

I am having a birthday soon, whatever that is, and the Papa biggie got me a huge bear! You know about me and bears, we have a special relationship: I … Continue reading

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Watching TV

Here I am, watching tv with the Papa biggie. It was a movie about a boy and dragons and vikings. I think the Papa biggie liked it better than me, … Continue reading

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Oh well, if it makes him happy. The Papa biggy says the sun shines for him when I smile. So here, Papa, the sun for you.

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Boot camp

As you all know I am going to be a Marine Specialist later, AND Miss Universe. For both I need to be in excellent physical shape. So I am doing … Continue reading

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It’s moving!

So the Papa biggie has been ill for a while, as was I and the Mama biggie. But here I am again. They got me an electric chair! It is … Continue reading

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Stop that!

Man, are these biggies dumb or what?! I have just pooh-ed my diapers full and look what he is doing?! Is he trying to push it back in again?! Is … Continue reading

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‘Smile to Papa? Who is smiling to Papa?’ Man, don’t you get tired of that? Does he think life is fun as a newly born? Getting used to the strange … Continue reading

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