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Baby acrobat

I think I might change my future occupation, or just add 1: I am going to be an acrobat! No, not as in Acrobat Reader, but… Oh well, watch this … Continue reading

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First steps!

The Papa biggie went completely gaga! I was walking about and had forgotten that nobody supported me. Instead of coming to my rescue heĀ  grabbed his Iphone and started pointing … Continue reading

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Start of the day

Having Giraffe-steak as breakfast. I must say, it is not a bad way to start the day.

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Climbing & Terrorising

A few weeks ago I scared the Papa biggie tremendously by moving a chair to the babies box (what baby?!) and undertaking some alpine climbing. Nowadays I take on heights … Continue reading

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Merry Xmas everybody, also to the Russian biggies, even if they have Xmas later.(foolish biggies…)

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The Papa biggie is in his second youth or getting senile, according the Mama biggie. She says he is listening to old music, all from before her youth. I like … Continue reading

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Presents Day

Today is my Presents Day. Others call it birthday, but they are wrong. I am around on this world for 1 year now. The purpose of my life is clear: … Continue reading

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I think I am going to be an acrobat. I love hanging upside down and being swayed from here to there. The Papa biggie is dreading, that I like amusement … Continue reading

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